Boss Construction, Inc.

                                   Restoring America One Building At A Time
Boss Construction, Inc. provides the following services:

        Repair and Replace Brick
        Repair and Replace Terra Cotta
        Repair and Replace Limestone
        Repair and Replace Marble
        Repair and Replace Granite
        Repair and Replace Structural Concrete
        Repair and Replace Structural Steel
        Exterior Masonry Cleaning
        Exterior Caulking and Sealants
        Tuck Pointing
        Epoxy Injection
        Expansion Joints
        Wall Coatings
        Deck Coatings
        Concrete Deck Repair
        Restoration Inspection and Consultation
Boss Construction, Inc. is certified to work with the following quality manufacturers:

        Jahn Cathedral Stone Products
        Thoro Systems
        ConProCo Mimic
        Dietrich Technologies
        Tremco Sealants
        Dow Corning Sealants
        Pecora Sealants
        Chem Trete
        Warranties Are Available
Historic Clock Tower - Chelsea Michigan
McAuley Auditorium - Detroit Mercy College